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Best, free and secure Instagram downloader, allowing you to save Insta content anonymously. No IG login required, ensuring your privacy and security.

Unlimited Content
Photo, Reels, Stories or Highlight

Download any IG Content with Ease!

Batch Insta Downloading

Save time and effort by easily downloading multiple Instagram posts at once with Anonymstory.

Versatile Downloading

Anonymstory enables you to download from Instagram media content in various formats, including JPG, PNG, and MP4.

No Watermarks

Anonymstory ensures the originality of your downloaded IG posts by not adding any watermarks.

No Registration Required

You can utilize our service without registering or providing any personal information.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

It works seamlessly on all major web browsers and operating systems, making it user-friendly on any device.

How to Use Instagram Downloader for Free?

Open Instagram from any browser or launch the Instagram Mobile Application.
Find a Story, Reel, Photo, or Insta Profile.
Copy the URL link (from your browser) or click on the airplane button below.

Paste Story, Reel, Photo link or Instagram URL name here and Click Download

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